• Objective: Work with the Product team of a third-party healthcare plan administrator to understand the target audience, sales channel, and optimal product features of a new health plan offering for small businesses.  This project was phase 2 of three phases, designed to understand the sales channel for this type of offering.


    • Method: Individual interviews with insurance brokers and general agents involved discussing their selling process, learning about new plans, perceptions about specific types of plans for small businesses, and reactions to the description of a new health plan.


    • Insights: Research confirmed that general agents were a key channel for this new health plan, and identified which features were considered table stakes and which were potential differentiators, highlighting areas of clarity needed.  This research helped shape the product offering and will serve as the foundation for future messaging research in preparation for launch.





    • Objective:  Work with the Marketing team at a Sales Enablement software company to understand business professionals’ perceptions of their brand.


    • Method:  Quantitative survey focused on brand awareness, perceptions, organizational priorities, and category perceptions.


    • Insights:  The research suggested that the client brand was relatively strong, but that perceptions varied substantially depending on the functional role of the participant, and that there are challenges and opportunities around the definition and understanding of Sales Enablement solutions.




    • Objective: Conduct research for white paper development for Technology Evangelists at large enterprise software company.


    • Method:  Quantitative research with Developers and other IT professionals. Extensive use of analytics, ranging from simple correlational analyses to factor analyses, regression, and segmentation modeling.


    • Results:  Created six white papers based on the research.




    • Objective:  Conduct research for the Product team at a leading IaaS/Paas provider, to better understand the potential market for cloud-based services among IT professionals at Corporate and ISV businesses.


    • Method:  Quantitative survey employed a discrete choice approach to determine which components of the offering were most important, whether consumption-based or subscription-based offerings were more attractive, and how price sensitivity varied for different bundles of offerings.


    • Insights:  Results informed SKU and pricing strategies for the new offering.




    • Objective:  Conduct brand tracking consumer research for the Marketing team at a Financial Services company that specializes in financing for environmentally-friendly home improvements.


    • Method:  Quantitative study tracked awareness and brand perceptions for clients and competitors on a bi-annual basis, down to the individual metro level within target states. Detailed questions related to participants’ path to awareness and actions taken.


    • Insights:  Provided guidance about the effectiveness of marketing expenditures.





    • Objective:  Develop three-year revenue forecast based on transaction data for Finance Team at pharmaceutical benefits management company.


    • Method:  Used advanced analytics to forecast different stripes of revenue sliceable by Client, Drug Type, Network, and Channel.


    • Results:  Delivered forecast in dynamic Excel-based simulator that affords What-If revenue scenario simulations by key parameters, with the additional ability to incorporate manual adjustments into the statistical forecast in complementary view.





    • Objective:  Understand the profitability of mobile banking for the Marketing team at a Financial Services company.


    • Method:  Conduct profitability and attrition modeling using banking transaction data.  Compared profitability before/after signing up for mobile banking, and compared to online and bill-pay customers. Attrition modeling was used to better understand the contribution of mobile banking while controlling for other factors.


    • Insights:  Research formed the basis for a white paper and conference presentation at a large industry event highlighting the value of mobile banking.




    • Objective:  Identify potential target segments for Marketing team at an ultra-luxury automobile manufacturer.


    • Method:  Analyze consumer market research data to determine if there are underlying segments among their affluent target buyers. A latent-class segmentation approach was used.


    • Insights:  Four distinct segments were identified based on distinct feature considerations such as performance, luxury, safety, the impact on the environment, and value for the money. The identified segments were overlayed with the strengths and weaknesses of the client and competition to provide strategic guidance regarding how the brand should be positioned.




    • Objective:  Help Marketing team at a pharmaceutical benefits management company better understand the market for prescription drug cash card solutions.


    • Method:  Quantitative survey for consumers that addressed drug cash card awareness and usage, and whether there was variation by drugs and therapeutic classes.  In addition, an experimental test was included to compare the effectiveness of video vs. graphics vs. text as the medium for communicating one of the client’s cash card offerings.


    • Insights:  Research provided marketing team guidance about how to best market their product, and which features were most differentiating.




    • Objective:  Collaborate with research team at a pharmaceutical consulting company to update messaging for a drug currently on the market, to increase its use as an earlier line treatment.


    • Method:  Conduct individual interviews with physicians to get their reaction and interpretation of the product  “story” and determine whether it impacted physicians’ thinking about when  / where to use the product.


    • Insights:  Research provided detailed information about which messages, phrasing and terms resonated, providing guidance for CVA development and potential objection handling strategies for rep detailing.


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