Our staff has more than 30 years of experience working with clients to move from seat-of-your-pants decision making to data-driven decision making. We work across functional roles and industries, using both qualitative and quantitative research to answer your business questions. Consumer and B2B. But like all businesses, we have sweet spots, with technology and pharma two of ours, with complicated B2B and analytics definitely specialties.

Most of our clients leverage us as a full-service market research firm, where we handle methodological design, analytics, and reporting. Some lean on us just for design and analytics support, where we may provide a segmentation or a conjoint analysis that is part of some larger project, such as collaborating with a branding agency on a broader engagement. We also provide purely analytical services leveraging existing transactional data, such as healthcare or prescription claims data, or financial and banking transaction data.


Providing market insights that inform your business strategies and tactics.

We work across a range of areas, from identifying market opportunities and target segments to product optimization and pricing to messaging and brand tracking. But we design the research to address your unique objectives, which can sometimes straddle areas.


We go beyond traditional crosstabs, using advanced analytics to mine the data for insights to that allow us to weave a data-driven story…the signal in the noise.  We run our analytics in-house, including anything from simple correlations and various stripes of predictive modeling like regression and tree analyses, to conjoint and max-diff, to exploratory segmentation. We have an arsenal of tools ready to use for your project.

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When I have a tough analytics challenge, The Noise Doctors is my first call. Their work has always impressed me with regard to their unique ability to suggest approaches that I can count on to yield truly valuable insights from my study data. I’m confident that I’ll get great work when I turn to The Noise Doctors.


Employee Engagement

The Noise Doctors is an incredible asset in any research project and is a true research partner. They bring undivided attention, category and subject knowledge, and their own insights and recommendations. The Noise Doctors combine high intellect with clear reporting that makes me look good to my clients.


Pharmaceutical Consulting

No other research vendor offers the combo of good science and business knowledge that the Noise Doctors do. My preferred partner for research in general, but particularly our strategically important projects.

VP of Marketing

Enterprise Software

The Noise Doctors’ team has been invaluable in segmenting our market to help us understand the nuances of our target buyer. Because of their expertise and in-depth knowledge of quantitative methodologies, their analytics is unparalleled and their ability to provide direction and actionable insights for the data is outstanding. They are unquestionably “the best” at what they do.

Brand and Market Analytics Manager

Luxury Automotive

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